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Black Crown Inc. CEO Christopher Naghibi on Personalized Real Estate in a Global Pandemic

The unprecedented impact of the coronavirus has and will continue to have unprecedented. . .

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Market Watch

Christopher Naghibi on Building a Community-Focused Business: Black Crown Realty

In our current American zeitgeist, it seems that the concepts of profitability and community first priorities have become mutually exclusive. While the idea of cold, corporate entities. . .

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Orange Coast Magazine

Faces of Orange County 2020


Christopher M. Naghibi is disrupting the real estate world in Orange County and Los Angeles through. . .

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Recent Media

London Daily Post

Christopher Naghibi: The Biggest Real Estate Agent You’ve Never Heard Of

Real estate titans have a stereotype: they’re loud, self-absorbed, and never stop talking about all the properties they own. For some of the most well known. . .[…]

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Disrupt Magazine

How Christopher Naghibi Is Changing Real Estate Forever

As the late Luther Vandross sang, “a house is not a home” yet so many real estate professionals and firms completely neglect relationships and community. The real. . .[…]

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Fox News

Building Wealth and Community: Christopher M. Naghibi

The COVID-19 crisis, among others things, has destroyed communities. America is expected to have 15% unemployment by the end of this present quarter and already over 3.3 million citizens. . .[…]

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