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About Black Crown Inc. Our Gorgeous History

Black Crown Inc. was born out of the ideology that a collective of talents allows a team of experts to work together with subject matter expertise in a way that no single individual or small company can. Black Crown Inc. may be the size of a boutique firm; however, it is our belief that this shared expense and revenue translates to a better client experience where you, the end consumer, get far more for far less. Since we work together, we can reduce our costs and pass those savings along to you, the consumer.

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We may have been launched in 2019; however, this isn’t our first rodeo. Many of our team members are recognized experts in their respective fields. Take a look at our people and you will see why you should expect unparalleled service.


We pride ourselves on our respect for our client’s privacy, confidentiality of their financial and legal matters. We employ an exhaustive list of legal and professional means to protect your interests. Many of our clientele include notable celebrities, high profile executives and high net worth individuals.


When you work with us in any capacity, you also work with our team of attorneys. You are not trusting just some Realtor or property manager. We have a moral and ethical obligation to ensure that the services we render are held to a higher standard than most of our competition. Yet, we still manage to charge significantly less.

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What We Are Expert At Why Clients Choose Us?

As a collective of talented individuals with a wide variety of professional backgrounds, we can do more for you than being simply your Realtor, attorney or your property manager.  But don’t take our word for it, the numbers speak for themselves.  We put the client first and believe that transactions are nice, but relationships are the real key to our firm’s success.

Our core values are simple.  Honor, trust and loyalty above all else.  Our pricing is indicative of that.  Don’t pay excess fees for real estate transactions or hourly billing to review loan documents.  We do things differently.  The industry is changing and we are happy to do our part to disrupt it.  You can use the same old businesses who offer you half the services as two to three times the price, but why would you?

Black Crown 1000+ Happy clients
Black Crown $20+Blns In closed transactions
Black Crown $10+ MIns Recovered cost for clients
Black Crown 20+ Years of experience

Frequently Asked

The easiest way to answer this question is by asking yourself why wouldn’t you want to work with Black Crown Realty? We offer a value proposition that is second to none. Leveraging the latest in technology we offer you a seamless experience in a way others just can’t. Whether you are taking advantage of our unparallel web experience or our state-of-the-art mobile app, you get unlimited access to find the home of your dreams, your next investment property or get the maximum exposure to sell your property. Don’t take our word for it, the numbers and our reviews speak for themselves. Not to mention when you work with us you have access to an on-staff licensed California General Contractor and to our affiliate law firm Black Crown Law APC.

We get this question a lot! Essential from Los Angeles to San Diego or the majority Southern California. We do venture outside of this region from time-to-time, but only to work with existing clients of the firm or its affiliates.

It is surprising to many that we do not offer financing or make any financing recommendations. While we can give you a list of lenders in your market, we do not actively participate in lending of any kind. This allows us to be a completely neutral and independent resource for our clients when we provide a complimentary thorough review of your loan documents via our affiliate Black Crown Law APC.

Yes, some of, if not the biggest in Southern and Northern California. We also work with high-net-worth businesses men and women, celebrities, athletes and even some foreign investors that are looking to buy income producing real estate in Southern California. While we specialize in multifamily apartment complexes, we also help identify and source single family rental real estate as well. While we do take on commercial real estate clients for other property types, we typically only do so for existing clients. But, wait, there’s more! Vis-à-vis our affiliate Black Crown Law APC we can organize assist in creating a new Limited Liability Company (LLC) to maximize the passive income tax benefits. And, with our Black Crown Management group, you get the property management services you need from people you already know and work with. Why go anywhere else?

We work with Buyers and Sellers! Different market conditions can shift the amount of buy or sell transactions we accommodate in any given month. Some months we largely represent Buyers and in others we largely represent Sellers. It has more to do with what our clients need versus us trying to limit the type of offerings we have. We do have internal teams that specialize in each side of the business. As you may or may not know, buying a home is a very different challenge than selling a home. We are here to walk you through the journey. Call us today!

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