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Welcome to BLACK CROWN INC. We offer you concierge level service for less. Combining our collective realty, property management and legal services you get on staff experts to protect your life, liberty and happiness. Contact Now Professional REALTY | MANAGEMENT | LAW We are a leading law firm in financial & business industry. With more than 20 years of experience Contact Now

About Black Crown Inc.

We are a disruptive collective of individuals with subject matter expertise that found ourselves working together in our respective fields so often that we decided to combine forces and share our talents.  Since we work together, we can reduce our costs and pass those savings along to you, the consumer.

  CEO of Black Crown Inc.

what we are expert at

Our Practice Areas

Buy or Sell Your Home

Buying or selling your home today is a confusing thing.  Don’t trust the other guys with your largest and most personal investment.  We give you more for less. 

Multifamily Investment

So many companies claim to be experts in multifamily and commercial real estate.  Few can say they have been involved in billions of dollars of transactions over 20 years. 

Property Management

Property management isn’t as simple as collecting checks for your property.  On staff real estate brokers, attorneys and even a general contractor are here to help. 

Real Estate Law

When it comes to real estate law, our team is talented.  We know the business intimately and have actively been working our respective areas for decades.  

Loan Document Review

Whether you are buying your family home or an investment property, loan documents are tricky.  We offer fixed rate plans so you don’t have to be victims of hourly billing.  

Real Estate Syndication

Want to pool together investors to buy an investment property?  We can help you structure the transaction and represent your investors interest with our team of experts. 

what we are expert at

Why Clients Choose Us?

As a collective of talented individuals with a wide variety of professional backgrounds, we can do more for you than being simply your Realtor, attorney or your property manager.  But don’t take our word for it, the numbers speak for themselves.  We put the client first and believe that transactions are nice, but relationships are the real key to our firm’s success. 

Our core values are simple.  Honor, trust and loyalty above all else.  Our pricing is indicative of that.  Don’t pay excess fees for real estate transactions or hourly billing to review loan documents.  We do things differently.  The industry is changing and we are happy to do our part to disrupt it.  You can use the same old businesses who offer you half the services as two to three times the price, but why would you? 

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Whether it is real estate, property management or law, life is complicated.
A second opinion is never a bad idea. Let us help you!
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People at Black Crown Inc.

We serve the best service

When your Realtor, attorney or property manager prioritize your relationship over a singular transaction a funny thing happens.  You fundamentally get a higher quality of service.  Our value proposition to the market is a collective of experts who work collaboratively to give you an all inclusive experience like nothing in the business today.  We pride ourselves on how we are disrupting the standard and how things are done.  

Years of Award Winning Service

We may have been launched in 2019; however, this isn’t our first rodeo.  Many of our team members are recognized experts in their respective fields.  Take a look at our people and you will see why you should expect unparalleled service. 

Confidentiality & Discretion

We pride ourselves on our respect for our client’s privacy, confidentiality of their financial and legal matters.  We employ an exhaustive list of legal and professional means to protect your interests.  Many of our clientele include notable celebrities, high profile executives and high net worth individuals.

Legal Protection & Oversight

When you work with us in any capacity, you also work with our team of attorneys.  You are not trusting just some Realtor or property manager.  We have a moral and ethical obligation to ensure that the services we render are held to a higher standard than most of our competition.  Yet, we still manage to charge significantly less.


Words From Clients

  • The team over at Black Crown was extremely helpful in reviewing my loan documents. They only charged me $500. They explained to me some of the industry standard verbiage I could expect in my loan documents, what those sections represent, and even sections that I had no idea existed that are in place to protect me the consumer…

    Saied O.
  • Black Crown saved me money! They know what they are doing and are a pleasure to work with!

    Diego Z.
  • The agents at Black Crown are the most professional I have ever had the pleasure to work with. They did a great job of marketing our property and helped us negotiate with the other parties in our favor. They did an amazing job at managing everything that comes along during the process. I would highly recommend Black Crown whether you are buying or selling a property.

    Andrew R.
  • My husband and I had been talking about forming a family trust for a long time. We were referred to Black Crown from a good friend. Chris and his team were very responsive and professional. They explained the whole process in details and they take the time to discuss the scenarios we were most concerned about, some of which we had not even considered yet…

    Kalyee B.
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