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A lot of real estate brokerage firms claim to provide concierge-level service, but few actually deliver on that value proposition. A classic example is that you enter into a complex legal transaction or get a set of loan documents only to take them to a third-party attorney. You spend time getting them up to speed, deliver them the documents and pay per hour just to have them involved. This is largely where we save you time, money, and give you the service that you deserve. Whether you are buying your first home or the home of your dreams, there are a few reasons why your real estate broker should be a licensed attorney. Via our affiliate relationship with Black Crown Law APC, you know you have an attorney at your service to protect you every step of the way.


When you work with Black Crown Law APC, you sign a retainer agreement and our firm is bound by attorney-client privilege. Many of our high net worth and celebrity clients enjoy this formality and protection because it provides a real tangible degree of mandatory discretion. Whether you want to form a trust to hold title to your home for estate planning purposes, create a limited liability company to keep your name off of title and away from the public eye or you just want someone to break down all of the legal nuance in the overwhelming amount of forms that Realtors use, you are free to ask questions and plan your future with Black Crown Law APC.


Black Crown Inc. was created out of the ethos that the strongest businesses are about relationships and not about transactions. Naturally, we are a real estate brokerage at our core via Black Crown Realty; however, your relationship extends to the services we also provide at our affiliate Black Crown Law APC. Personal injury, bankruptcy, corporate governance, family law and even criminal law are areas covered by our network of attorneys. Black Crown Law APC is here to help well after we help you in any single real estate transaction. We are always just one call away.


Anyone who has ever bought or sold a home can attest to that there is a whole lot of paperwork. Attorneys are very detail-oriented and adept at reviewing lengthy, complicated documents. Simple things like catching an incorrect legal description can save you, the end client a lot of time, money and mental anguish. Also, when mistakes on a real estate transaction aren’t caught early, it’s much more difficult to fix down the road. Having a real estate agent that views documents like an attorney will only further protect you and your investments.


Many of our clients can attest to the value of a good negotiator. With an attorney on your side, you have someone who has literally been trained to do just that. Some real estate agents can take a tact that doesn’t get results. Instead at Black Crown Inc., we employ a professional, direct, and effective approach that is more powerful because we have the power of Black Crown Law APC behind us. Of course, we can be forceful and flex our legal muscle in your favor when we need to. Too many transactions fall through because some real estate agents are unprofessional or arrogant, which turns off not only the other agent but ultimately you as well. On the other hand, an inexperienced negotiator reveals information that affects you getting the highest offer as a seller and the lowest price as a buyer. Mastering communication and negotiations made on your behalf as a fiduciary and legal counsel allow our clients to achieve superior results, close deals seamlessly, and deliver a degree of confidence to our client.


As a law firm, we are always keenly aware of the risk of litigation. When attorneys aren’t involved in the sales process, mistakes are often made and left to be dealt with after the sale – in a lawsuit! The last thing you want is for you to purchase your first home, the home of your dreams, or an investment property and end up in court. Did the Buyer assume the solar lease? Did the Seller fully disclose? Very few real estate agents know that it’s important to order and review your Seller’s title report before listing the home, for example. A good attorney will catch judgments attached to a property that you may not have even known existed or encroachments discovered while under the contract that could affect your ownership. Those issues should be addressed before the home is listed for sale or before you buy it, not after it’s too late.


Attorneys deal with conflict on a daily basis as their profession. And, the good ones, know the importance of staying calm to communicate effectively with all parties. If you have ever been involved in a heated real estate transaction, you can most certainly attest to the value of having someone who can diffuse the stress with logic and maturity. Having an experienced attorney as your real estate broker and Realtor means a degree of comfort and protection that is hard to quantify.

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