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Christopher Naghibi: The Real Estate Fixer of LA

Los Angeles might be the City of Angels, but it’s certainly the city of celebrities, PR, and paparazzi.

With some of the most famous people and institutions on the planet, it’s hard to do anything without being seen or recorded. This is only compounded by the fact that many of these celebrities are also some of the highest net-worth individuals on the planet.

Christopher Naghibi is disrupting the real estate world of L.A. through his unique offering and has developed a reputation as a “fixer” for those who demand privacy and anonymity without sacrificing concierge-level quality services. His law firm Black Crown Inc. is truly one of a kind, offering every service in-house which allows them to provide their high-profile clients with unrivaled privacy and a concierge level personal touch. “From buying or selling homes to sourcing a myriad of different types of investment properties for our high net worth clients from across the country, we are their go-to firm,” says Mr. Naghibi. “But we don’t just stop there. The only way to control the ecosystem of information was to contain as many of the services our clients demanded in-house.”

Specializing in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, Black Crown Inc. protects clients’ investments and provides legal protection from a world that tries to find everything on public record. To meet this need, Black Crown Inc. has an in-house staff with expertise in law – including personal injury, family, bankruptcy, intellectual property, and landlord action; licensed general contracting; and a robust real estate brokerage. Naghibi states, “At its core, we are a law firm, we are bound by attorney-client privilege and that helps give our real estate clients a degree of confidence that other firms just do not offer. Not only do we own the supply chain of services from front to back, but we just offer good old fashioned great service consistent with the pedigree of our unique clients. There is a subtle and elegant way to blend technology and service in an industry that has been largely unchanged for the last 50 years.”

Considering Black Crown Inc.’s completely singular offering, it’s no wonder they have $10 million in recovered costs for clients and in excess of $20 billion dollars in closed transactions. When asked about this Naghibi was quick to note that “We were simply doing too much business to continue staying ‘off the radar’ and we made the strategic decision to proactively own the message and content that people find about us. The benefit to the average consumer is that this has also allowed us to bring this same value proposition and excellent service to anyone. The days of needing to be a wealthy individual or a celebrity to be treated like one are gone.” This is just one way that Black Crown Inc. continues to differentiate itself from its competitors that are perhaps too quick to tell you all the names of their clients.

With more than 20 years of banking, lending, and real estate expertise, Mr. Naghibi originally sought to help high net worth and celebrity clients facilitate transactions out of the public eye. That vision has grown and evolved into leveraging technology combined with his ability to grow and scale the platform to provide an unparalleled experience that focuses on long term relationships with clients from all different facets of life. “With all the options out there today, I can tell you that the one constant is that everyone wants to be treated well, have someone to talk to and use the best technology they can to make the process easier. Put simply, our clients are family and because of that it is just easier to do business with us.”


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